AKG K 619
AKG K 619

K 619, DJ headphone from AKG.

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BulletZ 07/12/2014

AKG K 619 : BulletZ's user review

«  Convenient in transportation »

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I use it for almost 6 months, and I do not regret my choice. Feeling tired due to clamping is a bit blurred, even if it remains the main gripe with this headset. That said, when buying I compared a dozen similar headphones in a price range between 60 and 120 euros (memory: AKG K452, JVC HA-HA-R75S and R85S, Marshall Major, Skullcandy Aviator and Navigator, Audio Technica ATH-M50, Beats Solo, Urbanears Plattan, Sony MDR-ZX610AP and MDR-10RC and Yamaha HPH-M82) with the main audio quality, and this criterion was well above the others. At € 79, it is a bargain.

I use this headset with my iPhone mainly in transport. I was looking for a relatively compact, foldable headphones with remote and microphone, able to isolate enough of the typical noise of the metro. On all these aspects, it is a success. It is rather comfortable, which is important because it has a flaw: he squeezes hard enough. On the other hand, it also ensures a good fit on the head and good soundproofing. The arch eventually soften a bit after a few months of use (or is it my head is relaxed :). The cable length is perfect for use with player in a pocket (including revolver jean pockets), and the headset is provided with an extension if needed.

The headphone seems to me moderately strong. The fastening system of the atria to the hoop, asymmetric axis is pretty convenient for folding, but probably a bit fragile, and I am careful to handle my headphone when I carefully folded particular. Apart from this detail, the construction quality, the pads do not seem to wear out quickly, despite a very common use in not always favorable conditions (rain, frequent friction ...).

This is for me what has been instrumental in the purchase of these headphones, and after comparison with the competition (see "overall opinion"), there is "no picture" does: a real presence, a fine balance , well-defined mids and treble too low "boom boom". Briefly, a homogeneous headphone and surprisingly for such a price level quality.