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Behringer HPX2000
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theaudioandvideoguy theaudioandvideoguy

« low bass »

Publié le 03/24/12 à 21:05
The Behringer HPX2000 headphones will bump pretty good around your ears. They are really good with those low frequencies. Seems like they have an automatic bass boost to them though, but not that real muddy bass that we all hate that sounds distorted. They produce more of a clean bass that doesn’t distort and sounds more the way the original producer and engineer intended for us to hear the bass in the song.

The Behringer HPX2000’s will work great if you are a DJ and you want an affordable set of headphones to get you started. These will definitely work for you and wont break your pockets in the process. These are very solid reliable headphones. I have yet to hear of anyone’s going out on them and not working anymore. But if they do, Behringer is pretty good about their products and keeping there customers happy so they will find away to replace them or maybe even fix them if they can be fixed. These headphones can compete with some higher model Technica DJ headphones that are on the market today. Behringer really isn’t known for the headphones they create. But they far exceeded my expectations with these.

Head down to your local Sam Ash or GC and try these out and compare them to some other DJ headphones that are more expensive and you will see what I mean. Even if you don’t DJ and you just want some good headphones these will work great. If you are an engineer and want some quality affordable headphones to do some reference mixing in, these will work just fine. You can really get your lower end bass to have a nice thump to it. Especially in music like Dub Step with those thumping/wobbling baselines, these headphones will really make them stand out. Purchase these and start listening to music in a new way.
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