Pioneer HDJ-1000
Pioneer HDJ-1000

HDJ-1000, DJ headphone from Pioneer in the HDJ series.

Gpforce 11/05/2005

Pioneer HDJ-1000 : Gpforce's user review


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Buy it almost two years ago
The sound is nikel, clear, lipid, powerful, natural, acoustic ...
Several MODEL try or buy but none has made her share the technics, sony and other similar designs.
This headphone silent era, but the price is relatively lower price ... But as it is top quality it is a good buy.
Too bad as many headphones, there is plastic, I broke it once.
If I had to change, which is not ready to come, I think can be a model to make the same sound but more comfortable long term after 5am on the head, it hurts a little to the ears because it is relatively strong. This implies that I saw that we all face a Different.
9 / 10 for the relative fragility, as if some piece mtal silent, I would 10.

Note that if you remove the foam from the cot of the cable, there is a pice mtalique held by a screw, removed the cable as the mini is actually a Jack, you will not risk further damage the cable by tearing.