Pioneer HDJ-500
Pioneer HDJ-500

HDJ-500, DJ headphone from Pioneer in the HDJ series.

Public price: $125 VAT
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JimboSpins 10/07/2012

Pioneer HDJ-500 : JimboSpins's user review

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The Pioneer HDJ-500 are a set of DJ headphones that cost 99 dollars. The padding on these headphones are covered in leather and they are very comfortable. These are the most comfortable headphones that I have ever used under the 150 dollar mark. The style of them is ok, nothing to special. The sound quality is very good, highs are clean, mids are present, and the lows are thick and full without being too over powering. All of the sounds of the beats are easy to hear in the HDJ 500. When I first used the HDJ 500 headphones by Pioneer I was not happy with them, I felt like Pioneer should have made them better because I had another pair of Pioneer headphones that I was using at the time and they where a lot better but they also cost a lot more. But after a while of using the HDJ 500 I came to the fact that you are only going to get a certain level of quality using headphones that cost this price. I was just expecting a lot more.

The HDJ 500’s best aspect is that they are very comfortable , you will just want to leave them on your head and not take them off the whole night. They are very flexible and the right phone can bend or tilt 60 degrees so it can be out of the way and you can listen in just on one side.

If you are thinking of getting the Pioneer HDJ 500 for DJ use, I would look at some of the better Pioneer headphones that cost in the 175 dollar range. Yes, it is a little bit more but you will have a better sound and a headphone that will last you a longer time. Also, don’t stretch your budget to get these, there are other headphones from Shure and Red Waves that sound better than these and cost about the same or a little cheaper.