Sony MDR Z-700 dj
Sony MDR Z-700 dj

MDR Z-700 dj, DJ headphone from Sony in the MDR series.

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songboy 01/17/2010

Sony MDR Z-700 dj : songboy's user review


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What I like most about these headphones is the way they fold up.  They are ideal for DJing or just running samples because you can do the "put them on your shoulder" thing quite easily.  What I mean by that in case you don't know is the ear pieces can rotate 180 degrees so you can "stack" them and stick them on your shoulder  (kinda like you can do with a cell phone) and work hands free, although you neck will hurt if you stay in that position too long.  The other thing i should mention is that the sound quality and bass response is pretty darn good.  They are not the best cans I own (I have a pair of AKG MKII's that are out of this world) but they are the best pair I use for live settings.  They also seem pretty sturdy and because the ear pieces swivel, I can safely fit them into my laptop case (great for on the go).  What I don't like about these headphone is the earpieces are not deep enough for my ears.  For the record, I do not have huge ears and they do not stick out from my head in any abnormal way.  After about a 1/2 of continuous use, my ears start to feel soar.  That is really the only problem I have with these headphones.  I got these for about $100.  I have to say that for the sound quality and the durability, I feel its a good deal.  The response from these headphones is very good.  They can easily be used as studio headphones, but they are meant for the stage.  I have used many headphones in my day, including other Sony pairs and this set holds it own quite well.  I will say again, if you are just looking for Studio headphones, fork over the extra cash and get a pair of AKG MKII's, they are absolutely amazing, especially for mixing. 
Yes, I DJ occasionally but its not my passion at all.  I am a Multi instrumentalist who plays a variety of styles of music and I use these headphones often, especially when I bring my laptop and run ableton 8.  Yes, I would buy these again if I didn't own them already.