MIDI Control Surfaces for DJs
Computer Music for DJ MIDI Control Surfaces for DJs
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MIDI Control Surfaces for DJs user reviews

  • Denon DJ SC3900

    Denon DJ SC3900 - "It has some great new features"


    Using the Denon DJ SC3900 was a decent experience for me and there are not too many negative things that I can say about it except for the price. I am not happy with the price tag by Denon. Most of all the equipment that they make is very well built …

  • Reloop Mixage

    Reloop Mixage - "mixage ie - little bit of everything" has images


    Unit has 2 RCA outputs, one 6.5mm stereo Jack for headphones and one 6.5mm for mic. After 4-5 months left 6.5mm Jacks' channel died. There is an usb connector for midi data, no addition power source needed because of that. Jogwheels have nice fee…

  • Denon DJ DN-MC6000

    Denon DJ DN-MC6000 - "A Good, Portable Controller"


    Last month I had the pleasure of borrowing a friend's Denon DN-MC6000 to play a show with and boy was it a blast. Having not settled on a favorite controller worth buying new, the MC6000 definitely surfaced as a viable candidate due to its very funct…

  • Numark Mixtrack

    Numark Mixtrack - "Portable, but limited." has images


    The Numark Mixtrack is a digital DJ controller that is housed in a plastic shell with two jog-wheels, three volume faders and one cross-fader, playback and cue buttons, and a small effects rack. For what is included this piece of equipment is a fairl…

  • Stanton Magnetics SCS.4DJ

    Stanton Magnetics SCS.4DJ - "Not bad at all"


    I've been using it for a month now. I have previously used hercules, american audio vms4, and behringer mixers, plus Denon and Pioneer complete sets. In terms of mixing, it's the easiest way to mix. If you know your songs, it's impossible to get i…

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2

    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 - "Priced high but worth it"


    It's essentially 2 decks an a full mixer, set up in such a way that the whole unit interfaces as well as possible with traktor. It's a true plug and play unit made to take the guesswork out of the whole, "how do I get my mixer and deck to work with …

  • Synq Audio DMC-2000

    Synq Audio DMC-2000 - "A very complete DJ Tool for a good pricing" has images


    Very Nicely build and decent quality. I like also the fact that it is designed in belgium and not just a one-one copy from our Eastern friends. Perfect audio quality and easy to install on your computer. Looked first for other brands even more exp…

  • Pioneer DDJ-S1

    Pioneer DDJ-S1 - "super machine!!!" has images


    I have been using it since March 2011 after testing it in a mixing conference show in paris. Before that I used the Reloop Digital Jockey Interface Edition 2 ... what I like most is to be able to find the location of the buttons (in pioneer) and not …

  • Hercules DJ Console Mk2

    Hercules DJ Console Mk2 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    Originally written by mark_renton on Audiofanzine FR. Features that motivated my choice: 1. It's a full-featured sound card (standalone system) 2. Price I use it to mix when I'm away from my turntables... Rather easy installation und…

  • Numark NS7

    Numark NS7 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    * How long have you been using it? Almost one year * Did you try any other models before buying it? Yes, the Pioneer CDJ1000MK3, Numark Total Control, Technics MK2... * Which feature do you like the most / the least? The mos…