Numark BattlePack
Numark BattlePack

BattlePack, DJ Package from Numark in the TT series.

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yoTrakkz 08/05/2011

Numark BattlePack : yoTrakkz's user review

« For a beginner. »

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The Numark Battle Pack is a nice started package for the aspiring DJ. This has everything you need to get started and up and running. The price was 299, which is reasonable . But this wont last you long, this isn’t made for the pro’s. It feels very cheap, especially the knobs and sliders. After a year you will be lucky if everything is still working. As far as the fader goes, its very stiff, wasn’t moving like us DJ’s need it to be able to move and it was made out of plastic. Numark makes some great equipment, but they fell short with the quality of this package.

The quality of this Package is solid for a started, that’s what it is : a starter package. So if you are semi advanced I wouldn’t recommend getting this Numark Battle Pack. The slider isn’t very well built and you will notice the flaws of this package right off the bat. But if you are new to DJ’ing this is for you, you will definitely love this package. I used it for about 2 months, and realized it wasn’t going to hold up very much longer. But for the price, its worth a shot.

Overall a decent product, I have used several other models of turntables and this isn’t the worse but its far from the best, But for the price you wont find much better for a package deal. I am happy with my purchase and deciding to try out the Numark Battle Pack. The best thing about this package is the price, you cant get much DJ gear for under 300 dollars in a package. So its definitely worth the shot. But keep in mind that it has a very cheap feel to you and wont hold up for a long time. You will need to upgrade soon..