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sonnenblumen 03/14/2005

DjDecks DjDecks : sonnenblumen's user review


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Test Version 0.67

- Characteristics that led to my choice: price, vidos views on the Internet, with BMD test
- For what purpose? If diarhe or hmorrodes. No, srieusement, what's that question?
- Config: impec turns on a small laptop (1Ghz, 256MB Ram) streaming asio (still in beta version, but works fine) and on my old PC (ASIO normal) 600MHz CPU, 512MB SDRAM All with a Maya 44 usb to enjoy the two decks at the same time.
Used with two vinyl-FinalScratch two pramplis (optional) and an external mixer


Problem-free installation, commissioning (rglages ..) simple (many amliors since the previous version). Aids and tutorials for the "vinyl control" is findable on the forums of the official website (in English)


Software works fine once you find his rglages (a took me 10 minutes) to enable it to adapt to the style of use (mix or scratch) and machine. Carried out with two accessories, I use trsrgulirement in my band: NEVER dplorer a crash. Ms. leve tration with a latency (up to about 15ms) it seems to handle a "real vinyl" including intensive scratch.


I use it for around 6 months, no prob

=> More:
- Easy to use keyboard shortcuts Fully assignable
- Now supports VST
- Stable, even on small configs
- The price! 25!
- Possibility to mix a single stage via a small tip (enabling / disabling indpendante vinyl control mode on both players for shortcuts) with a SBLive 30 and KX ASIO drivers free (hint tests personally)
- Lets you toggle quickly (assignable keyboard shortcuts) between DIFFERENT modes (real vinyl / FinalScratch)
- Works without prampli
- Supports the great majority of vinyl encode (FS, SSL, Ms Pinky, VDJ, etc ...)
- Skinnable (try the Chiron-mkII ;-)
- Up to 3 decks
- An open community and trs active
- Compatible with Hercules DJ Console, DMC1 and DAC2

=> Less:
-Uh ... Shipped with two vinyl FS and March 1 would prfrable t?

I THE FIRST test version of FS at a friend and I t's so that I almost forget this dark history DEFINITIONS encoded vinyl. Then I stumbled on the forum of a certain site's start with A and ending with udiofanzine speaking of silent djDecks who do that in its infancy. And voila, now I can not do without.

Latest tips:
-Try the fully-functional tlchargeable dmo on the official website (version 0.67 is available in vinyl control -> download as it is still in beta)
- A Y-cable RCA (RCA mle 1 -> 2 RCA female) can switch from vinyl vinyl control mode simply by the normal switch phono / line of the mixer. and this, even the computer complexion. I found a store for 4, a life-changing