Ms Pinky Pinky VST
Ms Pinky Pinky VST

Pinky VST, DJ Software from Ms Pinky.

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theaudioandvideoguy 06/25/2012

Ms Pinky Pinky VST : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

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Pinky Pinky Vst is a vst plug in that can be used in almost any daw that you can think of it it accepts plug ins. Pink will then give you the option of scratching your current projects without having them mixed down to mp3 or .wav format. Which is pretty cool because I have used it just on certain instruments and not the whole song and you can really put out some cool effects if you use it right and give your music a edgy feel to it that most people don’t have.


It was very easy to install it only took about a minute to install and it works great on my laptop and my pc. I have used it on Windows Xp systems and In Vista and on a friends mac before and havent had a synth issue with it. I have used it as a plug in in all the major softwares like cubase, fl studio, and logic and it worked great in each one of them .


Performance was second to none, no crashes or defects and I still continue to use it from time to time because it is so light on the computer it wont take up your cpu like traktor or some of the other DJ plug ins. You can use this in multiple channels in your project without it glitching or shutting down on you.


Overall, I am happy that I have this vst to use in my projects.. They now have Version 2 out which has made some major improvements and upgrades along with some fancy new options that you can use to be more creative. Pinky Pinky Vst worked perfect for me and I recommend you try It. The price of it is not that bad either and their may be a trial or demo version online to try before you purchase.