DW Drums 7002
DW Drums 7002

7002, Double Bass Drum Pedal from DW Drums.

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jadespearl 12/28/2004

DW Drums 7002 : jadespearl's user review


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One day (there are 3 ½ years) I come to the Baguetterie to buy the instrument that will make me a modern drummer: a double pedal. At that moment knowing I thought AF pa tro buy a pearl-range input (budget 250 euros) and I see with the seller he told me I have a DW 7002 was 230 euros you take it you try it - > here I am well con arriving in the auditorium with a double pedal that I really knew jou hhbr /> short, I'm mounting j'esayye right foot J PURCHASED
the answer is super fast typing very heavy that is a midrange pedal terrible double left foot is a little good in May ratard c a habit to the quality of manufacture is nikel cependatn attention that the cardan did not touch the bottom of the cymbals because it's super soft aluminum (mine has traces of a minute of inattention. voial
I recommend this pedal to learn the double
I wonder to buy a high end pedal before but hey this one works fine for now So the very good stuff I do it again this choice