Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal
Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal

Eliminator Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal, Double Bass Drum Pedal from Pearl.

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DubiousDubs 12/07/2011

Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal : DubiousDubs's user review

« For the price of a drum set, I had to pass on this »

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In the market for a new double bass drum pedal i borrowed my buddies’ Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive Bass Drum Pedal. This pedal is no beginner pedal, it is expensive and is meant to be used incombination with a skilled drummer who knows what he or she is looking for in a set and wants to get something that fits to his or her needs. This pedal is for turning a single kick drum into a double setup, easily without having the burdon of a second kick drum and needing to tune them perfectly.
I have found that this pedal fits those rockers who are deep into metal and fusion alike. The precision of this double kick really comes into play when doing triplets on kick or fast paced doubles. This pedal feels great on the feet, and allows a ton of customization of feel, to zero in on a specific kind of force feedback required and demanded by the owner. The pedal is smooth beyond a doubt, and this is great for session work. I really liked the bearings as they were silent and supposedly never need oiling. Maintenance to a greater degree is nothing to worry about with this setup, i can see in the last 5 years the drum pedal has come a long way. Iron cobra days are over. If you have the money to shell out about 600 dollars or so, I would get this double kick and never look back. The ease of use and maintenance free life of use will make up the costs if you plan on using this thing for 5 years or so. And that should be no problem, because with the technology behind this pedal, I don’t see a need to upgrade anytime soon. Then again, for the price of this pedal one can get a PDP drum set or a nice guitar. I mean it really is a selective purchase that comes down to a few small decisions: 1. having the nicest best pedal is a must, and 2. crazy technology savy user who can make use of a double kick in a majority of percussions. I am neither of those two so I opted to return the kick to my friend and purchase a cheaper DW double kick which was well below half the price of this one and suits my needs beyond the call.