Epiphone FT-140
Epiphone FT-140

FT-140, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the FT series.

yannmet 03/02/2011

Epiphone FT-140 : yannmet's user review

«  "Very good folk to their warm but not very strong mechanical ... »

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Mine is really old, I think it had been purchased in the early 70s. At the time Epiphone was a park in itself and not the sub-brand of Gibson, I think this is the model or very near that McCartney used on the double white album Beatles (tbc)
It is somewhat marked by time but it adds to its charm of course!

Accuracy, this model is "Made in Japan" as is marked on the label inside.


The handle is very nice, it looks much like a Gibson electric stick, not too thick of course, the veneer of this time is more "adhesive" than now, but it's not a guitar made for walking to any speed up and down the neck in my opinion!

access is more acute than average, as many guitar flok!

Mine was a little martyred in ancient times, someone was having him up very large strings without setting the handle because the soundboard is a bit distorted, but it does not seem too wrong for that!

Given his age, the mechanics are really tired and I think has to change, yet they still fulfill their function a lot and this guitar does not go out of tune too often Nipone proof of the quality of the time.


I love the sound of this guitar, warm and velvety treble out well too, she quickly becomes friends with one who plays it.

It was he who had before I played a lot of picking her top and sound of this model lends itself perfectly to this style.

I noticed that those who use it a little time to play on the looks with great respect as they refitting, it is a sign that never fails ...


I did well to buy it at the time, despite sounding a little distorted.
Mine is an old model, I do not know if all of this quality but if so, do not hesitate to buy one from OCCAZ because it must not be sold very dear and very nice sound ; Once the mechanics changed a little weaklings, it will make an excellent guitar very endearing.