Epiphone DR-100
Epiphone DR-100

DR-100, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the DR series.

stompboxjon 03/14/2013

Epiphone DR-100 : stompboxjon's user review

« not expensive and solid tones »

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The Epiphone DR-100 (Ebony) is a 6 string guitar that has a spruce top and it is mahogany on the sides and back. The fret board is rosewood and the neck is mahogany as well. You can actually purchase this guitar in Natural, Vintage Burst and Mahogany at the same exact price so it comes down to personal preference as far as the color goes.


This guitar is very affordable costing less than 100 dollars and most guitars that I have ever used in this price range are pretty cheaply made and more “toy like” but this DR-100 is the opposite of that. It is built very well to be in this price range the tone is bright and has a lot of energy to it. I would suggest that this guitar is more for the first time user, but the build does not make it feel like a “cheaper” acoustic.


This guitar does not come with a case, so that is something to take into consideration before purchasing. There are 20 frets and it has a slime taper neck shape. There are 6 strings and it comes with a tuner. I had this guitar for a while before selling it because I didn’t use it anymore. I sold it to a first time learning musician who wanted something to learn with and I suggested this because of the price and tone.


The tone of this guitar is very good for this price range and I would say it should be the main selling point of it. Most people would think the Ebony finish would be the selling point but I say listen to it first before you make a decision. If you can go down to your local store and mess around with it you will hear just how great it sounds and you will want to add it to your collection.