Epiphone FT-145 Texan
Epiphone FT-145 Texan

FT-145 Texan, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the FT series.

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jopopo06150 05/15/2007

Epiphone FT-145 Texan : jopopo06150's user review


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Guitar factory in Japan in the 70's, acoustic form dreadnough at Bolt.
plastic bridge saddle height adjustable on the bridge of origin, Nut head bone.
body and handle in a mahogany suspect, probably a bad quality mahogany can be stained lgerrement plywood.

sr is like a, Premire view, it's shit, and it is true that a is what, 250 euro.

moreover, for its 250 euro worth an 8, especially with its forty years, she took a vintage patina trs enjoyable.


The handle is wide plutt, it is not an electric, but it's enjoyable to complete a chord without stifling two notes when you have big fingers. Access in acute impeccable, since the handle is screwed and does not heel.
it is not super balance, leaning a little of the head, but it's not the most important thing my taste.

it's a guitar that 'sounds' not in everybody's hands: we must learn to know, she has a lot of default, but these defects are easily transformed into high quality.


Low fuck you on the ass.

I bought for 400 euro two years ago a cort: acute slamming too, not enough bass, guitar exactly the kind of balance I too do not like.

here: it's bold, it's bass and treble dominant that open their mouths without snapping too, has sometimes borders, that's exactly the sound I like, although roots.

true perfection Has To Be Imperfect: this guitar is not balanced, a little frieze, a treble that seem weaklings (Bolt not sustain) ... n'mpche it is enough to play a little to control these defects and l. .. Bass is breathtaking, impressive power: even in choked on the palm of your hand, you feel that power.


This is my first guitar, I use it for 2 years, and I find it perfect.

First prize is a base, and now a MRIT rglage and some repairs, but it has that sound, beautiful, gnial.

I met many people on the net that the possdaient, all converge on one point: first prize is a guitar that makes you a slap.

it sounds like a large.

if you come across on ebay one day, Do not hesitate a minute, she went generam 200 euro you get for your money.