Epiphone PR-150
Epiphone PR-150

PR-150, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Epiphone in the PR series.

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MGR/SDboy 04/06/2004

Epiphone PR-150 : MGR/SDboy's user review

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I bought it for $99 strait up from guitar center. A great deal if you ask me. I was considering an alvarez for $130, or a Fender DG11 for $160, but I picked up the epiphone and i was blown away. I had been playing electric for 2 years when I decided to grab an acoustic to mess with, its more than I bargained for.

This is THE BEST $100 guitar as far as sound goes. In fact it would be the best $250 guitar as far as sound goes, and I grabbed it for $100. I was ecstatic.
As far as I've played it it is a nice solid guitar, its one of those asian guitars, but I think asian guitars are finally gonna start to get some respect soon, especially if they keep making guitars like this.
The sound is deep, but bright. It doesn't sound "coppery" like the DG11 I played. Great sound... its no Martin, but it sounds like a $300 guitar.

The dealer at Guitar center said the tuners were bad, but I think he was just trying to sell me a more expensive guitar. I'm not picky about tuners, and I haven't seen any reason to be dissapointed with them. My only real complaint is the action, but I haven't adjusted the truss rod yet, I'm pretty confident the problem will go away.

Solid guitar, especially for an asian import, comes with a lifetime warranty (which was also a large part in my decision of buying it) so don't worry about it.

The absolute best guitar you can buy for $100. Its severely UNDER-priced. Maybe Gibson-Epiphone will pick up on this and start charging you more, so make sure you get one when you can.

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