Ibanez PF60S
Ibanez PF60S

PF60S, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Ibanez in the Performance series.

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polishdog90 08/25/2011

Ibanez PF60S : polishdog90's user review

« Basic Acoustic »

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Made in China
20 frets
Hollow Body


This is a pretty basic acoustic guitar. It's easy enough to play. I have a hard time reaching past the 12th fret because there is no cutaway. I generally don't play that high on an acoustic anyway so it's not a big deal. It's pretty easy to a good sound as long as you sound good with your hands. It's comfortably shaped to play sitting down. There are no pegs for a strap.


This guitar sounds pretty good. Its not a super high end acoustic guitar but its pretty easy to get good tone out of it. I think that the most important part of any guitar is the player, so if your hands can achieve good tone, it will achieve good tone on this guitar. I have been using this guitar recently for lo-fi folk recordings and I think it's perfect for that.


I like this guitar because its cheap but still sounds pretty good. I use it in recordings and can also haul it to the beach for a bonfire with worrying too much about breaking it. I'm not sure how much it was new but I got it cheap used ($100) and it was totally worth it. I like its sound better than my takamine electric acoustic and that was more expensive. I use this more than most of my other guitars because I have it lying around my living room and grab it whenever for a quick jam. I would definitely re-purchase it if I had the opportunity.