Lakewood D-18
Lakewood D-18

D-18, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Lakewood in the Natural series.

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Ptit-Ju 11/18/2010

Lakewood D-18 : Ptit-Ju's user review

«  Guitar upscale affordable »

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Value For Money : Correct
Made in Germany in a violin shop (there are only 2 luthier that touch the guitar during the manufacturing process).

The neck is extremely comfortable, you feel immediately at ease, the wood selected for this guitar are very high quality: AAA Solid spruce top and sides and back ovangkol massive (it looks like rosewood, it looks like the power of rosewood, but it retains heat like mahogany)

the guitar is very balanced: good bass, clear highs and warm mids . It really reacts to the slightest nuance of your game right hand and the sound projection is impressive (just press on the strings, you will immediately sound huge!). I think it may suit many different styles.

I use it for a month, I have tried many other guitars worth between 1000 and 2000 euros:
-2 Taylor: its too crystalline, lack of bass
D18-martin: cool but really expensive (I think we pay a lot of brand)
Martin-d15: its very warm but lacks sound projection and look a little cheap
Furch-(I know what reference, it was worth about 1000 € new): handle too thick and the sound is a good notch below the lakewood (must also be said that Furch is a bit cheaper, it remains a good choice provided that the handle suits you)
Clark-Cole: Yeah ... not bad for her but I do not like their looks or their polish in general.
Lakewood brief the D18 is a great compromise, a very classic look, finish on top, great sound and playing comfort remarkable for a very reasonable price given its European manufacturing.