Martin & Co D-15

D-15, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the 15 series.

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MGR/Steve Davis 02/24/2004

Martin & Co D-15 : MGR/Steve Davis's user review

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Music store. 630 bucks, including "free" hard-shell and a pack of light Elixirs I got the store owner to throw in.

One of the first things I noticed playing the guitar in the back room was that other store customers kept wandering back in and saying things like "Damn! that's a sweet sound." I'm not exactly Steve Howe, so all those compliments were for the incredible punch this guitar has in the low end, and the sweetness that is there on treble runs. The owner said that most people just don't like the "look" of the guitar, but I think it's actually kind of attractive. One real stand-out for me was how incredibly light the guitar is compared to my Tacoma DR29. I'm guessing that lightness means the top vibrates more, and that this is the reason I get more punch from the Martin than from the Tacoma.

I haven't had any regrets so far. I absolutely agree with the fellow who bought this model in order to be heard over street noise. I could easily fill a room of twenty or thirty people with this one, unmiked.

Construction, as far as I can tell, is extremely good. I took a look inside in the store, and I didn't see any shoddy bits. Eyeing it down the fingerboard didn't reveal any neck twist. I wasn't exactly expecting any, but we live in troubled times.

REally a fine, fine guitar. I have hands that aren't really designed well for guitars. I have to be absolutely perfect in form in order to get barre chords out that don't buzz, and this one has action that seems to be set just right, with enough kick in the bottom to help make up for gaffes that would give me mush or buzz on the Tacoma.

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