Martin & Co HD-28VS
Martin & Co HD-28VS

HD-28VS, Dreadnought Steel String Guitar from Martin & Co in the Marquis series.

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MGR/Veryhappycamper 08/10/2004

Martin & Co HD-28VS : MGR/Veryhappycamper's user review

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Made in 2000, bought used for $1,750 from private party

The sound is brighter than on most 28 models, probably related to the bracing, but retains the deep, warm, rosewood sound. It is nicley balanced, though, the intonation is spot-on up and down and side to side, and it is easy to fret even with medium guage strings.

A 1 3/4" width at nut modified-v neck makes it an unusually nice fingerstyle choice as D models go. Flat-pickers may or may not like the wider neck.

Remember that this is a 12-fret slot head guitar, great for solo work.

There is nothing I dislike about this guitar, admittedly it's a subjective kind of thing.

Very, very good--as on all the VS models I own or have played. Close grained, matched and quartersawn rosewood, fine grained spruce--it's all described elsewhere and many other locations. With all the Herringbone, Zig-Zag back, and Gotoh butterbean tuners it's a classy looking piece of decor as well as a great musical instrument.

This is probably not the greatest bluegrass guitar, so be forewarned. But it truly has got a wonderful voice that should improve even more with age and not disappoint with familiarity. Mine is flawless and plays like a dream--by all means a top contender if it's the kind of guitar you're looking for. I'd give this closer to a 4.5 than 4. I've played a lot of guitars in 45 years, this is easily in the top 10 of the best Martin D's I've ever touched.

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