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moosers 01/22/2010

Tacoma Guitars DM10 : moosers's user review


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The Tacoma Guitars DM10 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar.  They also make an acoustic/electric model of this guitar, but I've only got experience with the DM10.  This guitar is very well built and is one of the better guitars that Tacoma has to offer.  The neck is made out of rosewood, while the top is solid spruce and the back is mahogany.  Upon first play of the guitar you can feel that it has been made well as it feels good all the way around.  Since this isn't the acoustic/electric model, the DM10 doesn't have any pick ups or setting controls.


I've only got good things to say about the feel of the Tacoma Guitars DM10.  It is very easy to play, and I find it easy to get a nice, big and bright sound from it.  It is a very light guitar and seems to have a slightly thinner body than that of most dreadnought acoustic guitars.  Like most acoustic guitars, it isn't the best for playing lead parts high up on the neck, but I'd say that overall I've never had too much trouble playing the guitar or getting a good sound from it.  


I've only played a few different models made by Tacoma Guitars, the DM10 is probably the best sounding one that I've played.  I've used the guitar for a recording session featuring another player, so I've been playing and recording with it at the same time, but from what I gathered from the recording I was able to get out of it and from playing it a bit, I was pretty impressed with the sound.  It has more of a bright and silky tone than most dreadnought acoustic guitars, but it is one that I welcome as I found it worked perfectly for certain types of songs.    


As far as price goes concerning the Tacoma Guitars DM10, it is pretty reasonably for a upper end acoustic guitar, and I believe that it is one of the more expensive models that Tacoma has to offer.  While probably not as good as the more traditional acoustic guitars in the price range made by the likes of Martin and Taylor, this guitar definitely has something different to bring to the table.  If you're looking for an off brand acoustic guitar that is very well made and is a great deal, I'd recommend checking out the DM10.