Terada FW-657 S
Terada FW-657 S
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tchentchen 02/27/2012

Terada FW-657 S : tchentchen's user review

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very easy to handle

tune longer than a martin


good ergonomics

good access to acute

put a game if you want super light bender is because the long diap

its very rich and beautiful mediums that shine

the guild has


character of a guitar that gets noticed

not the type variety taylor

but that can fit a lot


I have since 1985 and it still belongs to drummer with whom I started

but it is me who!

She suffered a lot because I was followed everywhere

(On tour, a ride on the beach, etc. .......)

it leaves the violin for reffretage, repairs of pearl, bending, repair dam!

The luthier said it was the fucking guitar

I confirm

I have a Martin HD35

it is different but what is disturbing is that after all

the best is the Terada!