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Montagnard 09/08/2005

Washburn D97 LTD : Montagnard's user review


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Manufacturing: I do not really know where it is manufactured because of its certificate of authenticity is written there it was verified by two controllers luthiers at Washburn in Chicago, Illinois. But logically it is made in North America if it was checked at Washburn.

Number of frets: 19

Channel adjustable rectangular very thin but very stiff. It is a folk Rican.

With the utmost neutrality and taking into account its price ...


The neck is very thin and mostly it is perfectly balanced and not as some Epiphone Takamine that at some low prices, have a handle too heavy. By default it is against her, no doubt, its stiffness. With AC you will have calosités impressive. But at this price level is ca correct. It's not a guitar for beginners.

A Dreadnought is a dreadnought ca it has no cutaway so you can not make an agreement barred after 10 or 11 th box. But the rest moved ca.

Ergonomics for the last thin I am is I want to reiterate: it is perfectly balanced.

Finally I arrived and it is its major asset. SOUND, SOUND, SOUND, which is very blues, rock, folk and of course a bit I mean a little jazz, gypsy jazz, ect ... It halucinant, it's a spectacular presence exeptionnelle and not muffled. She has a very good sustain. Properties of low fat and crystalline highs all well balanced.
In my note I always consider the price.


Predominant style: Blues, rock, country and folk.
My taste's worn on the Coltrane jazz. Jazz comtemporary U.S. property.
What I hate most I think it's the indy that I find too incohérant even though it is hard work, I find it far too dissonant.
I do not understand why I am asked to note if it suits my style.
I must "m'autonote"? Tennez just for that I put a 10 and voila!


I use it for 2 years I bought used 450euros in perfect condition.
It feature I like most is her extraordinary!
It feature I like least is the stiffness of his neck.
Oh has a particular price level but if I bought it for its sound. When I buy a scratch me my first reflex is to listen to his strings. I can assure you is that there are many frauds and many "small" makers deserve more recognition. For a musical instrument is above all the sound and PRECISION. Mouth and for me a mere detail.
I play electric too also this is where I started, but a program of folk with a limited budget and who loves the blues, rock and folk would be delighted. With its large sustain.
Always with the more neutral I put an 8 and if the handle was not as steep I will have made a 9. Remember that this guitar did not exceed 4500 francs in 1997! And yet it's a guitar in a much more expensive. It's a guitar in the style. And not in a large series of Ibanez or Epiphone.