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Remo Peau Pinstripe 14"

Drum Head from Remo belonging to the Pinstripe series.

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sanjuro sanjuro
Publié le 11/30/09 à 10:39
Remo Pinstripes are very good drumheads overall.  I put these on my toms of my first kit and have played them ever since.  These heads have 2 ply thickness that controls any ringing or undesired resonance.  The resulting sound removes much of the high overtones, leaving a lower deeper sound.  This can be very good in a rock context where this type of sound is desired.  Even outside of rock, a lot of different drummers can appreciate this quality of sound.

I have used these in the studio, and they sound really amazing.  The already compressed, focused sound lends itself very well to the recording setting and the final tracks pick up the tones perfectly.  In live settings, the toms never sound out of tune and the response is really clear and cutting, but not overpowering.  I never fully appreciate the way my own toms sounded until I heard someone else playing my kit while I was in the audience.  It really made me happy that I sounded the way the other guy did, and I can attribute a lot of that to the Remo Pinstripes. 

To some degree, the thickness of the batter head makes it more durable.  It is still susceptible to stretching and small dents, but less so when compared to other drums.  These are not the best drum heads for every situation, but they served me very well for the time that I used them and I hold them to be reliable, well established, and generally all purpose drum heads.  I am a fan of Remo, and I consider Pinstripes to be one of their best products.  I would suggest the pinstripes to any aspiring drummer who is looking for a good deal and an upgrade to a better than stock drum head.  There are more diverse drum heads available, so it is also important to play a set of Remo Pinstripes before purchase, just to get a feel and become more familiar with the sound.
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