Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove
Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove

DR-202 Dr. Groove, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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Fuyuhiko 06/10/2003

Boss DR-202 Dr. Groove : Fuyuhiko's user review


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- Socket for the AC adapter (batteries also works)
- Jack pedals (BOSS FS-5U)
- Taken MIDI I / O
- Outputs (L / R) RCA
- Headphone output with volume

Music / Styles
- 48 bass sounds / more octaves
- 200 drum sounds
- All Fully ditable
- 127 preset patterns, 11 "styles"
- 99 user patterns

- Step and record Real Time


- Without being an expert in bote rate, the grip is comfortable: it discovering the limits of the presets and have fun trs quickly edit the kits.

- In real time although Obviously, the Systm sliders / Arrows provides good navigation custom settings if you stay a minimum concentrbr />
- In French and English year, say anything, all there.


- DR 202 Groove Box is a tool Submitted as the DANCE. Personally, I use it for rock, shuffled into the kits and playing with all parameter. For fans of hip hop and others, I think that is l. Contents
- The bass sounds are not all may be at the top, I use it solely by playing octaves with supplmentaires for interventions.

- In addition to the effects of chorus / flanger / reverb, it takes on the "cutoff", the "resonance" and "decay", which can be used in real time thanks to potentiomtres, that each element either spar or only on the bass, or only ledrum entire kit, which allows use trs live rich.

The race of each pad is relatively short, which does not subtilis great game, but this is a box of rhythm above all: to not - no, it is s r can be played on each element of the attack, what remains when even tedious. Personally, I opt for the solution of all pads used by assigning a same lment of two spars pads, but with DIFFERENT paramtres: for example, is possible to simulate two snare hits, one in the middle, powerful (with the "hoop slamming"), and a more dry on the skin tighter, knowledge to the outline.
The expression for the bass is more problmatique, as it is in play on the pads. There are many random image function for portamento, but I never use it because I can never get your exact discount, and in addition it is strangely not undo this function an edition once it has been applied.

Sounds yum and yuck
With all the Settings, you can get what you search, assuming we know what is wanted, we take the time to wish dcomposer signal then build on the basis of good pte: basically, it must be prt and fiddle with it the charm of the machine to play with the pan, not a double hsiter m lment me with paramtres DIFFERENT, play with live filters, etc. etc..


One year I use, the APRS trying for a month in prt> I care!

+ And -
- BAR is a classic, but there are too many rotten presets which I gladly pass
- SETTING THE The filters do not remain live when changing pattern live
- The polyphony of me dj possible problem, but to my greed
- The Bass .... luckily I have one, but beware, I use it for the "rock"
- The impossibility to make measurements compounds (5 / 4 niet !!!!)

+ Simplicity cohrence
+ Filters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ The majority of the sounds are usable, and I have not finished
+ The possibility to couple it with a sampler to make itself sound-bbs

I have not tried many other models, but the quality-price ratio for use sduit me live it rpond Submitted still, do not type ct ... in short, a good friend never ends!