Boss DR-220A Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-220A Dr. Rhythm

DR-220A Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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666serpents 01/05/2007

Boss DR-220A Dr. Rhythm : 666serpents's user review


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A 220-dr 1986
drum machine mono jack 6.35
headphone jack
no effect
11 sounds
32 programmable patterns
32 patterns "factory"
Song mode: 8 memories
Trig in / out

there is the dr220-E (white)
with more electronic sounds
toms such as Reverb Type
Generic 2 Miami Vice.


Programming super easy to reach.
ultra sound.
Ultra compact.


Everything is valid tom3 the big deal and a snare drum dryer.
if you add effects (distortion, delay) then there
this little machine tears (it has to 20cm 7cm)
I use it for several years on stage and even
if we care about your mouth because your box
looks like a calculator it is comparable to some TR (505?).
the entire box is rather in the mediums.


I bought this drum machine in a store
secondhand connu.à good time (1999) I paid
220 francs. the seller I was introduced as a metronome
ideal to train on guitar. in fact it is actually
although a programmable drum machine and super easy to reach.
this was my first drum machine so my opinion is bathed
good feeling but this machine provides.