Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm
Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm

DR-550 Dr. Rhythm, Drum Machine from Boss in the DR series.

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8oris 09/23/2007

Boss DR-550 Dr. Rhythm : 8oris's user review


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It has an on / off switch, input, output, plus a 9V power supply input, classic!
The case is solid, tight fit, well in hand.
We regret that the biggest button boiboite is that of volume.
The display is very old school, you should avoid letting the sun or near a heat source!


This is my first BAR and frankly I'm disappointed. The issue is not so intuitive for the novice, it works by a combination of buttons and everything is very simple.
Example: If when you make your rhythm pattern you want to delete a sound, you have to press 3 buttons + the sound in question: a horror!
Unable to get quick look bad, not really plug and play!
The pads are called this quite pleasant to handle


The sounds are very synthetic but the result is very satisfactory overall, there is no saturation!
The emphasis is very limited.
The top, I think it is the presets that are relatively thick and only there to act as a demo but useless unless you are making music at the Bungle or other group crossed!


I've had almost a year and I will separate because I can not get used to it but I think it comes from me, I must be stupid and D fail to me serve.
I would do not have that choice, no choice of BAR Boss seems all a little broken down according to the same operation.
However, for 80 euros is not too bad!
I'll put 4 and it's not bad!