Korg Ddd-1
Korg Ddd-1

Ddd-1, Drum Machine from Korg in the DDD series.

efranq 02/14/2014

Korg Ddd-1 : efranq's user review


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midi in, midi out, CV, headphone, hand L and R, 6 assignable outputs (luxurious), tap tempo pedal and I think it is
no effect
Hyper intuitive sequencer in tap, in this step is more complicated two lines on the screen ... but it can correct stuff


System matrix found on electribe (horizontal, vertical column, you ca crosses and choise)

I put 9 for step not very practical

Clear manual


So it is in the same range as a TR-626 (which I own too), tom tom can be a better can, and electro kick, but then the clap is not a clap, which makes d even more interesting is a rare "sound" between the clap, the cabasa of 626.

Finally it is globablement fairly neutral, with a little eq and some effects measured, ca sends really not bad.


Four months that I have, I love these separate outputs, its simple assembly system hyper pattern, unlike the TR 626.

never seen cards for this machine, I know they are remanufactured by some aficionados, 100 euros all cards ... if I have a lot of money one day.

Finally a simple, fast, efficient machine, is not wasting his time and s fun live, if you are tired you save and come back the next day and they're gone, then when it is ready no longer played by the sequence of live and press rec.