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Pakupaku (lcl) 12/10/2003

M.F.B. MFB-KULT : Pakupaku (lcl)'s user review


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Right, well since no one believes it gives me I glue ....
I'll just fill a box because everything is said, the image of this machine:

it is a sound bank rate of accumulation of vintage boxes, 808, CR, etc ... 80s.
I have more than the number of sounds at the top, but when a packet y'en same.
the quality is not dgueu, nice grain, and is a good booster to ring Bontempi and acid house. 5 uses a midi channels, which follow ncessairement, it's good to know. from which they say started, and it uses the more the 4 following. For example if we say that the first channel is 12, has used the channels 12 16. no way exploded channels utiliss.on can edit the volume, attack and release sounds, which are well sr samples the internal machine.
Connections: Food (provided), mono output jack, mini in. minimal but sufficient.
There's a pattern editor included, but I will do thanks. possibility was to build up banks of sounds personal parrtir diffrent pick in the banks. good a. back in-house and bank personal rglages by simple manipulation.

operation level there's no easier, the doc is an A4 double-sided and there's no need for more.

for the price, I would say INTERESTED and fun, and plutt sounds good. a good way to have a lot of faux vintage made for not too expensive (about 160 euros) at Thomann.


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