Roland TR-909
Roland TR-909

TR-909, Drum Machine from Roland in the TR series.

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Cbass909 10/28/2006

Roland TR-909 : Cbass909's user review


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A unique drum machine, despite the number of copies available and which aren't anything like it!!
Its price is pretty high, granted, but it's because it's really worth it!!
It's for all fans of big e-drums.

Analog drum machine.
Analog: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low/Mid/High Tom, Rim Shot, Hand Clap
Samples: Open/Closed Hi Hat, Crash/Ride Cymbal

16 patterns x 3 banks, 4 tracks of maximum 896 bars x 3 banks.
External memory: RAM cartridge (M-64C)
Controls: Depending on the sound, tuning, decay, etc. and... midi + sync24 out
Year of launch: 1983


It has been used by all techno big names:
jeff mills , garnier , carl craig ...
Techno music wouldn't exist without the 909!!!
Super easy to use, live editing, very clear manual. Some functions are a pain to find without the manual.


The sounds are extremely powerful. They simply can't be compared to the multiple copies available, the bass drum makes your spine tingle!! Snares and hi-hats are terrific, the clap is unique, toms are really good... WOW!!!!! It's amazing for techno fans.


I have tried the so-called new TR909!
What a bunch of impostors!!!
I have tried a lot of drum machines, but the TR 909 is unbeatable and remains the drum machine par excellence!!! Although the 808 is also very good!!! And I can also recommend the tr 707+727!!