Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

Drumtraks, Drum Machine from Sequential Circuits.

moosers 08/03/2011

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks : moosers's user review


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The Sequential Circuits DrumTraks is a unique drum machine, made in the 1980's. DrumTraks is unique because of the editing capabilities it has, which are far beyond it's time. This isn't as a popular as many of the other drum machines from the 80's, but it's quite a formidable model. DrumTraks has RCA connections for each of the outputs and also has a MIDI input and output. The studio that I've used it at already had the whole thing set up and ready to go so I didn't have to deal with making any of the connections. That said, it shouldn't be difficult to get it up and running.


The interface of the Sequential Circuits DrumTraks is what will take some getting used to. Part of the allure with DrumTraks was it's editing capabilities, but learning the interface and how to use it to it's full potential is a challenge. I've barely scratched the surface, as this day and age it's really not necessary since you can do everything on your computer. What DrumTraks is still great for is the sounds...


Sequential Circuits DrumTraks has a slew of cool drum machine sounds and fits right in line with that 80's drum sounds you'll hear on it's peers like those made by Roland. I like the variety of sounds possible here, as the editing features make it easy to alter sounds. I wouldn't use this for anything other than getting true drum machine sounds, as working the box is going to be a better bet for getting realer sound drum samples.


While you won't see the Sequential Circuits DrumTraks drum machine in too many spots these days, they are still around. I never would have known about it if I didn't get the chance to use it at the home studio of a client. It's definitely a cool drum machine to have, as when worked in as a creative force, drum machines like this can really be cool. I'm honestly not sure what one of these would cost but if you're looking for a vintage drum machine, it's worth looking into.