Viscount PCM R64
Viscount PCM R64

PCM R64, Drum Machine from Viscount.

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oryjen 06/02/2006

Viscount PCM R64 : oryjen's user review


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It is an ancient drum machine samples to 12 bits. All the connections are analog type, compatible Korg MS and CS Yam.
64 preset rhythms, no ability to program, but ...
connectors: audio mono out, stereo out, snare out, in trig, trig out (to sync with a sequencer, an LFO, etc. ...), start / stop, break, claps solo (I forget).
Sounds: bass drum, snare, TOM1, TOM2, rim shot, hi hat, claves, bongo, agogo, hand claps, cymbals.
knob a volume for each instrument! almost as flexible as the program knows when the machine!
A knob tempo.
knob a master volume.
In addition to the rear connections, there is a switch on the front panel start / stop, one for breaks, to activate or deploy two types of two claps and three for percussion.


Setup is very simple: everything is visible, accessible and understandable at a glance.


The sounds are surprisingly warm and organic for the PCM 12 bits! It really looks like the analog. Realism is not the Update main asset, but the sounds have a strong character and very addictive.
I get the best result on a Marshall amp JMP100 with a bit of saturation: dirty and loud Wishing!


I use it for 2 months.
Bought second hand 83 Roros ... it was a kind of gamble for that gear with exotic you never hear about: Lovely surprise!
Nothing to do with my old late Boss DR-55, I liked. Although non-programmable, this thing has certainly more depth and panache! (Solid wood sides do not spoil!)
Even if you are looking for a programmable bar, try it: the possibility of fortification and independent volumes for each sound is a rudimentary but effective programmability.
If you are looking for an analog bar, try it also: the sound will surprise you!