Zoom RT-123
Zoom RT-123

RT-123, Drum Machine from Zoom.


Zoom RT-123 : Anonymous 's user review


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-Audio: R / Lmono, line in (not know what serves the CLUI?) Phones.
Afternoon in

-80 Sets of sounds, with 13 sounds each nanmoins much overlap including percussion, but large enough to do. 25 low.

-No effect :-(

2pistes-for percussion, 1 for bass, polyphonie30voix

99patterns-users, 99songs


Trs simple, my box has Premire rhythms and if it is complicated when a jsuis pany ... the manual is clear I think, but there is not that much to do on that bar, then a manual rat c'tait too possible ...
(Arg small delete on all that has 2 times eliminate all my songs! Ok it's my fault: wrong manip, but hey it's too easy to get wrong! Arg!)


Sound-uh ... say that their quality is proportional to the price of the machine: emh emh, how low! except for some all the same as 4 funk trap kits and a few others, but there will always be the number of sounds you want to do this adaptsa

- Personally, I find only 2 or 3 low use, others are funny

VLOC it seems cool but no other test ...


I have not used trssrieusement for 2 or 3 years, now it is time for me to change! Ngatives to temper things that I said above, I would say it is perfect for discovering what a machine that makes zizik is that it can not be used to many things: support from a group without a drummer or money, and less swing, rhythm tracks for all of his artwork which is not primarily about the pace down but will not be suited for work or BAR is supposed to be important.
a great price quality ratio I think, especially OCCAZ.

finally a nice machine :-)