Infrasonik IL.EK.TRO Silicon
Infrasonik IL.EK.TRO Silicon

IL.EK.TRO Silicon, Drum/Percussion Sample from Infrasonik.

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Infrasonik IL.EK.TRO Silicon

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  • Email Announces IL.EK.TRO Silicon Sample Pack for Ableton Live 7.

IL.EK.TRO Silicon features 35 Performance and Bass machines featuring EFX chains built for live performance and tweakability.
Silicon contains:

  • 25 Performance Machines - Drum Loop Live Clips with associated Drum Racks and FX chains.
  • 10 Bass Machines - Bass Loop Live Clips with associated Drum Racks and FX chains.
  • 128 Drum Racks - Drum Loop Live Clips with associated Drum Racks.
  • 297 Live Clips - all the samples compiled into the following sections as Live Clips:
  • Keys - FX - 58 Live Clips
  • Keys - Loops - 30 Live Clips Drums - Loops - 131 Live Clips Drums - Elements - 20 Live Clips Bass - One Shots - 29 Live Clips Bass - Loops - 29 Live Clips 35 FX Performance Chains

Features Include:

  • 297 audio files.
  • A maximum of 4 macro controls on the racks let users quickly dial in an inspiring setting, and is perfect for DJing or live performance use.
  • A limiting module at the end of each Performance and Bass Machines's FX chain prevents the chain's final output from clipping in a live performance or DJ setting.
  • All files are 24 bit.

News Facts Carl Finlow

  • Artist names include: Random Factor, Silicon Scally, Voice Stealer, Il.Ek.Tro, Scarletron
  • Co-founded 2020 Vision with Ralph Lawson in 1995
  • Has released music on Warp, Paper, Klang, Soma, and Playhouse.
  • Catalogue contains over 100 releases
  • Remixed 2 Lone Swordsman, Luke Slater, Swayzak, Dave Tipper, Alexi Delano, Blaze, Josh Wink, Superman Lovers and Fatboy Slim.

Available at:[url]
For more information, visit their web site at
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