Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 4
Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 4

Drumagog 4, Drum replacer from Wavemachine Labs.

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moosers 09/04/2009

Wavemachine Labs Drumagog 4 : moosers's user review


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The process of installation of WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 4 was quick and easy and was without any issues whatsoever.  The plug-in did take a little while to get used to as there is a lot that you can do with the software, but the interface is pretty user friendly and after playing around with it for a little while I was able to do everything that I wanted with it.  The manual for the software is pretty helpful, but I didn't need it all that much while playing around with it as the typical functions are easy to find.


I haven't used WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 4 for a little while since I switched systems, but for the time that I was using it I really liked what it could do.  I used to run Cubase SX on a Hewlett Packard lap top that had a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM and was able to run this plug-in pretty effectively.  I recall having sample running on a variety of drums at a time without any problems at all.  While this largely depends on the type of system that you are running, I imagine that most users will be able to run this software effectively if they have a decent enough configuration.


I first used WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 4 about three of four years ago and while I no longer have it running in my set up, the program was great to have while I did have it.  Since I switched over to Pro Tools I use other means to achieve what this software can do, but this is still probably the easiest way to go about replacing your drum sounds with samples.  It provides you with all sorts of parameters and features to insure that you will be able to get the sound that you desire.  While it does come with some samples, it is a good idea to get some more as I'm not the biggest fan of the samples that come with the program.  All in all, WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 4 isn't a bad way to go if you want to replace or blend your drum sounds with samples.