Basix Classic
Basix Classic

Classic, Drum Set from Basix.

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Menclay_703 01/13/2007

Basix Classic : Menclay_703's user review


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I have this drumkit for two and a half years, this is my first drumkit. my teacher had me highly recommended, I listened and I do not regret it!
The bass drum (with a small cloth to avoid the interior resonance ^ ^) has a really nice sound, pretty solid when the skin is relaxed, finally it's safe, it is really very good. The snare drum is also very good for a drumkit of this award, especially since I have not changed the skin and yet the sound is fairly accurate in the middle, and when the strike is off I think the harmonic s' add are very nice. A great snare drum!
The toms sound good, they are worse than the GC and CC in sound (the latter two elements are really excellent). However, after some adjustments and other skins, it sounds great.

With this drumkit there was a crash and a Charles as a gift, the crash is quite pourrave but I keep it as a bowl in my set (in concert makes it a lot, although dirty lol)
The Charles is really bad for cons, but I'm not going to complain, and frankly I got a great deal with this drumkit! This is also surprising to find such quality at this price point.

Notice for beginners who want to start on the good stuff cheap: go for it! In any case I would do this election if I were you.