Basix custom tobacco
Basix custom tobacco

custom tobacco, Drum Set from Basix.

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ericthegreat 01/12/2012

Basix custom tobacco : ericthegreat's user review

« could be better »

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The Basix Custom Pearl Export is a good starter set for up and coming drummers. Pearl has always prided them self on putting a quality product with a great sound. Pearl has a great reputation when it comes to music equipment. Unfortunately after play with this drum set it didn’t feel as good as it did on the higher in models that Pearl makes. The snare didn’t quiet sound like I liked it, and even after trying to tune it several times I still couldn’t get it to be how I wanted it. The toms are pretty good, cant really complain about them too much. They do tend to have a deeper lower more hollow sound than other Pearl sets that I have used or experimented with over the years.
I have tried several Basix models throughout my life, and this is the only one that I felt really fell short of my expectations out of this brand. But like I said, if this is your first set then its great. If you’re a beginner you definitely want to go with this set and get a feel for Pearl. But you will need to upgrade at some point throughout your drumming career.

With knowing what I know now if I went back in time, I wouldn’t have got this set. Even though I am happy with the set, I would have just put out more money and got the upgraded version of this Basix set. The price of this set is a little to high for the quality of it. You can get other sets on the market for a cheaper price that are the same as Basix Custom. My advice would be to shop around and look at different brands if this is what your price range is when you are buying your drum set.