Deep Drums Batterie complete
Deep Drums Batterie complete

Batterie complete, Drum Set from Deep Drums.

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Corentin1989 04/12/2006

Deep Drums Batterie complete : Corentin1989's user review


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Here is 3 years since I purchased this drumkit was my first time as a beginner, I knew nothing at the beginning again and I was dazzled by the simple fact that it was a batery ... even when I quickly realized that I had bought: a children's toy ... jadmet the bass drum sound is acceptable if it is good to fill cushion. The ride (well it says it's a ride) has a very bad crash. Do not touch the snare drum, tap the leaves of your printer's done a better sound. The toms have a horrible sound even with the best tuning. The material (which yours Chake toms) is not very strong and not worth the time. The hat is painful to hear. For the same price you can buy in jimbao that did not sound amateur in deep. I am really disappointed to have to buy too quickly and if I had the choice jirais see other brands. Dailleurs I have already started buying drum parts in paiste, jimbao, and zildjian evans ... like me do not fall into the trap, it is beautiful but it's just an illusion ...

drummer of all levels, go your way

* I put as Note (1) because I can still say it's not a drumkit and pans that I bought ...