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cornofulgur 11/01/2005

DW Drums CX : cornofulgur's user review

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I use these drums since November 2005.
They are impressively versatile, very easy to set up. The maple model really seduced me. It comes with Remo Emperor on top and Remo Ambassador on the bottom. It is downright awesome! I opted for a Fusion setup: 22" kick, 10", 12", 14", and 16" toms. And I can't say anything about the snare because I use my Pearl free floating copper snare.

In short, a very good product with a price tag that dwarfs the competition (6 maple drums + accessories + 8 heads for $1900)

Do note however I had a small threading problem with one of the bass tom lugs (nothing that a bit of oil couldn't fix). I think the hardware and the embossed hoops aren't worthy of DW!

Drum kit supplied with the accessories from the 900 series: High end, so no complaints.

In comparison to the drums I've used until now (tama rockstar, premier XPK), it's like night and day. I have gone from a soft to a pro sound, even without exploiting all the options available.

In conclusion, I would buy them again without hesitation. I studied the subject for quite some time and don't regret at all having chosen Pacific Drums!