DW Drums Exotic EX
DW Drums Exotic EX

Exotic EX, Drum Set from DW Drums.

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moosers 06/23/2009

DW Drums Exotic EX : moosers's user review

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The DW (Drummer's Workshop) Exotic EX is just about as perfect as a drum set can get.  While I'm not a drummer by trade, I've recorded the DW Exotic EX drum set many times so I've got some pretty good experience with it.  Since I'm not a drummer, I can't comment on the feel of the drums and all that, but what I can talk about is how great these drums sound.  For recording they are truly a pleasure to use as it is almost impossible to get a bad sound with this kit.  Everything from the snare drum to the kick drum to the tom toms sounds really crisp and tight.  The kick drum is really tight and gives you all of the punch that you could want, while the snare drum is also super tight.  I've only used the DW Exotic EX drum kit to record rock and pop songs, but this is definitely a versatile drum set because I have seen it used for all types of music, although undoubtedly it works best for rock and roll.  I've used the DW Exotic EX drum kit with three different drummers, all of whom are well traveled session players and they all rave about this kit.  What I've heard is that it is easy to play because every time you hit one of the drums it produces a crisp and tight sound and makes it so that you don't have to beat it too hard and ware yourself out.  Since the DW Exotic EX drum set is made for professionals, it definitely has the price tag of one as well.  Unless you are a professional or are wiling to drop a lot of money on a drum set to keep for a while, the DW Exotic EX probably isn't for you because of this steep price tag.  Beyond this, the DW Exotic EX is nearly flawless and is truly a great drum set.