PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion LX

LX, Drum Set from PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion.

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cgai 09/22/2006

PDP Pacific Drums and Percussion LX : cgai's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I jou on PDP LX rent for 1 round. Configuration: 20''x18''/ 10''x08''/ 12''x09''/ 14''x14''/''CC 14''x5
It is the seller of a music store made me discovering this brand that I do not know. I could not believe it. Powerful sound especially for the GC team home with a skin muffler incorporated. Fts 100% Saddle chamfers 45. Suspended on silent block toms. Brilliant finish lacquer.
BMOL when even a little on the CC. For sound terrible. Also the lever that activates the patch had broken. And surprise surprise no pc parts. So we had to install a lever Tama!

This drumkit is manufactured under license in Mexico DW. Obviously it does good possde not the prestige of a DW but the sound is.
Good quality for money. But beware unlike popular belief, it is not a DW at a discount.

Finally, if I had to choose I would take this time the LXE exotic wood.