Pearl Rhythm Traveler
Pearl Rhythm Traveler

Rhythm Traveler, Drum Set from Pearl.

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AudioNeo 11/07/2004

Pearl Rhythm Traveler : AudioNeo's user review


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I use this drumkit for 2 years now (even a little), and frankly, for the price, it's not so bad.

It is a very compact drumkit and therefore easy to carry.
The skins are quiet interesting, but hey, it's still a drum made to sound, right? ... (I have not tried with trigggers)
In use "sound", the original skins are really bad, but quality skins, it does! (Used in jazz anyway, except the floor tom, not great because of the absence of resonant which distorts the sound on the skins of this size, perhaps with a double skin thickness)
The accessories are good quality and not too heavy, which is nice when you move frequently.
I agree with the previous comment about the bass drum: not very stable, but on a thick carpet it can go.
Little comment on the notice before the chamfers on: indeed, they are not regular on the snare, but obviously it is voluntary (it was the same on the signature J Robinson, D Chambers and not mistaken). But it's true that on a snare drum from 13 to 6 (!!), tie is very hindering to the agreement ...
I've played a lot of different batteries (the ASAMA daubesque the Yamaha Maple Custom first class), and of course I did not take the traveler because it was the best, but because it is convenient and cheap.

I find really interesting value for money (bought in 2400 Frs) considering the build quality (accessories double base) and value in use "mobile" (the full drumkit takes place just over a bass drum! ). The sound is interesting, especially the bass drum shallow, pretty cool.

With experience, and in the same style (drumkit portable hyper) I probably would choose a model with resonant, to win as his (kind DW pacific, the small model, or new small TAMA). However, level space, there alos lose a lot ...
But anyway, this drumkit is almost impossible to sell on the second hand market, so ...

Overall rating: 7 (very practical with good cymbals, it can do ...)