Pearl Reference
Pearl Reference

Reference, Drum Set from Pearl in the Reference series.

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moosers 01/26/2011

Pearl Reference : moosers's user review


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The Pearl Reference Kit is a top tier drum set for uses of all kinds. I recently was working on a session where the drummer rented one of theses kits to record with, and I won't name any names but it was for a pretty high profile client. Let me start off by saying that this is a giant drum set! I'm sure that there are all sorts of incarnations of it in terms of different drum sizes and all that, but the one we were using was a five piece with a kick, two floor toms, a rack, and a snare, although we switched the kit's snare out for a few others. This may not seem too big, but the sheer size of the kick drum would be enough to change your mind. Not only is it a big drum set by size alone, but this thing sounds even bigger. It's a super tight sounding drum set and is perfect for heavier forms of rock. I don't know exactly what the drums are made of, although the drummer did tell me, but these are some of the heaviest drums I've ever had to lift! Man are they heavy! This is definitely what gives it it's huge sound as it must be made from something extremely thick. I'm assuming that since these are so meaty and thick that they also must be quite expensive. I don't have any idea what a typical Pearl Reference Kit would run you, but certainly not cheap considering how great they sound and their general build. It's definitley a professional's drum kit, so unless you have a bit of money and/or clout to throw around, I'd think you most likely wouldn't be able to get them. If you are indeed one of the above, these are worth serious consideration if you're looking for a serious rock drum set.