Tama Rockstar DX
Tama Rockstar DX

Rockstar DX, Drum Set from Tama in the Rockstar series.

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MGR/Tama Rockstar 06/05/2002

Tama Rockstar DX : MGR/Tama Rockstar's user review

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I bought this kit brand new from a local music store here in town. And paid a lil over 700 for it and that included throne, dampening rings, and sticks. So it was a pretty good deal

Oh i love this kit it is a great set-up for the price. Tama has always been known for there sturdy hardware and it is rock solid like they say. Got the best sounded kick ive ever heard if ya dampen an tune it right itll have that big low in. Also since they've added the starcast mounting system makes them even more attractive.

What i didn't like about the kit is the heads it came with there terrible, so i recommend take bout 50 or so bucks and put some evans G2's on these babies and theyll be sounded good.

I bought the fusion size kit 10,12,and 14. And quality yes they do have, these things will rock when you want them too.

Who said you had to be a beginner or whatever too play on this set. This thing sounds great when you put a little extra money in it with good heads an some top quality cymbals as well. I seriously recommend this kit for anyone whos lookin for a good quality drumkit at a good price.

Always remember its who's sittin behind the drumset is what really matters.

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