Tama Starclassic Maple
Tama Starclassic Maple

Starclassic Maple, Drum Set from Tama in the Starclassic series.

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Tama Starclassic Maple : Anonymous 's user review


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I use this hardware since 1998, I never had any complaints to make, only pseudo-ings sounds complaining about the power and rsonnance wondering systmatiquement any gaffer. I say "pseudo" because I had the opportunity to record the SAE Aubervilliers (for those who know), and his-ings taient delighted with the purity of sound, without any parasite, very easy and sound to record. It's really a high-end rev, I think much more equivalent to DW Chréa (but this is only my opinion, and also of some vendors of many well known stores Pigalle), and quip Evans Genera G1 or G2 is a rgal, velvet, honey, the game is as comfortable as a luxury sofa. I-2 large boxes of 22 "x18" toms 10 ", 12", 13 "and 14" suspended, deep mdium, a floor tom 16 "x16" snare drum and the corresponding kit, which pte any place, time, rverb 'natural rooms ... In short, one molleux, powerful, with real notes and sustain without nasty harmonics. And big-box ...