Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22"
Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22"

Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22", Drum Set from Tama in the Imperialstar series.

sw80 01/30/2013

Tama Imperialstar IM52KH6 Stage 22" : sw80's user review

« Great to practice with »

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I had the black version of the Imperialstar but you can also purchase it in Red and Blue. I used it for about 3 months and the reason that I purchase this set was just to have a set of drums at home that I could practice with. The tone of these drums is amazing, it is nice and warm and for this price I didn’t expect to get that.
This is a complete system that comes with everything you need to work with it right way. It did require some assembly when it arrived at my doorstep which was long, extensive and gave me a headache putting everything together. It comes with the hi hats, crash and cymbals too but of course nothing was put together on the stands. So it took me some time to get it all together but it was worth the headache.
The finish on the drums is all black which was fine for me because I am not a fanatic when it comes to color on drums especially since they were going to be my practice set. The kick pedal feels great, Tama has always made some really good kick pedals that come with their basic kits. The bass drum is 18 x 22 with the floor tom being 14 x16 and two mounted tomes 8 x10 and 9 x 12. The snare drum is a standard 5 x 14 and sounds great for it to be this cheaply priced. For a practice set, it had everything that I needed and the sound was incredible. I would not suggest getting this set if you are going to be recording your drum tracks with it though because I do not feel like it is that good to put out some master songs with. But if you want to invest a little more look into some of the higher end Tama kits. They are really good!