Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau
Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau

Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau, Drum Set from Yamaha in the Absolute series.

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MGR/Miller 08/18/2005

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau : MGR/Miller's user review

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After creating a Christian Funk band and playing in it for a year I was ready for a step up in my drum kits. So I set out for a 2000 grand drum kit and ending up buying a these beautiful vintage natural finish maple custom absolute nouveau drums a samual music. The price ended up being 2200 I think for this 6 piece shell pack including two set of mounting clamps from the store. It was a very good deal.

These drums look so beautiful with the Natural Vintage finish especially, sound better then any other drums out there, user friendly because their easy to tune and stay in tune, punchy for funk or open for rock, these drums just cover it all.
I get a lot of positive feedback from other people and bands at shows and stuff. THESE DRUMS ARE AWESOME...I can't think of any other drums that can even compare. Don't you even think paying over 3 grand from these dumb DW kits or ORANGE COUNTY kits when this made in japan maple beauty sounds better with a price tag of 2200!!!!!

These isn't one thing that I can complain about with these drums.......I been playing drums from 8 years. I know what areas to look for problems in, there isn't ANY!!!!!!!!

The quality is perfect....the Rims and hardware on the drums is light and shiney.........and doesn't not stratch easy!
The construction of the drums is amazing.
The drum shell itself is one of smoothest, best hand crafted drums I've ever seen.
Not only are the drums hand crafted..the finish is also hand applied!

I've always been an import fan.......from cars to now drums. Don't turn your back on one the greatest sounding drum kits in the world for one of lowest prices just because its a YAMAHA....not a American made drum.

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