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Metric Halo 2D Card

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Metric Halo 2D Card
News Metric Halo 2D Card

DSP Board from Metric Halo

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The 2d Card is an upgrade for Mobile I/O which is available for all currently shipping hardware models including: 2882, 2882+DSP, ULN-2 and ULN-2+DSP.

Available as a factory-installed upgrade, the 2d Card enhances the DSP processing power of the Mobile I/O, adds a brand new ADAT implementation and also improves the clock of any unit into which it is installed.

If you just want to add HaloVerb to your +DSP or update to v.5, simply download the software, available FREE from Metric Halo.

If you want to upgrade your existing Mobile I/O to a 2d Expanded unit, Metric Halo strongly recommend taking advantage of the Factory Install service: You ship your unit back to Metric Halo, and they will install the 2d Card in your box, install the firmware, test everything, apply any factory updates to your unit and ensure that your box is operating at factory spec.

The 2d Card with Factory Install service is:
* $489+shipping for a 2882 or 2882+DSP
* $639+shipping for a ULN-2 or ULN-2+DSP

If you purchased your legacy Mobile I/O after 9/1/2007, Metric Halo will waive the $89 factory install fee through 8/1/08, and you will just be responsible for the cost of the 2d Card + shipping.
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