Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo
Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo

UAD-2 Duo, DSP Board from Universal Audio in the UAD-2 PCIe series.

Robin Schneider 07/28/2012

Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo : Robin Schneider's user review

«  Reliable but not given »

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The Universal Audio UAD2 Duo card is a PCIe card using two SHARC processors.

It is the midrange of UAD2 and is suitable for a project studio that wants to mix some native plugins and UAD2.

I use it with a Mac Pro Quad core to the mix of my music projects.


I use the plugins UAD2 with Logic Pro and I have no problems when using.

I just happened two three times the card is not recognized at boot, which required to remove and replace the card.
Since I launched the software automatically at startup, I have never encountered this problem.

UAD plugins generate latency, so do not place during the recording sessions, only the mix!

the number of instances possible by plugin is available at DU.
I personally am not in need of DSP power to the extent I also possesses good native plugins. But if you're mixing in full DSUs, it may be a little light, it is better to directly invest in a quad.

to give you an idea, my Duo card is mainly used for temporal effects, very greedy by nature. this gives:

Time effects (very greedy, 55% of DSP)
2 EMT140
2 EMT 250
1 EP34
1Mxr flanger

Treatments bus (very greedy):
2 Pultec
2 faichild

Other treatments (low fuel consumption as well):

4 transient designer
4 LA2A

This list of plugins comes largely in a duo card and already allows to obtain very good mix.

Alternatively if you already have good native temporal effects, you just buy the slice Neve88Rs and you put one on each track, something to manage 40 stereo tracks without problems.
The SSL E slice is also available, but the Duo card into cash that does 22 stereo instances.
In both cases, you have a plugin per track with gate, comp, EQ filters and high-quality, enough to mix very well also.


Installation is as simple as opening a DMG and then put a PCIe card, then it works alone. In a mac pro is very easy and more.

The manual is available online, it is clear and detailed.


It's been 8 months since I use it almost daily.
Difficult to give an opinion on the card itself, it works very well.

The price / quality ratio is excellent for me since I got it for free by buying a LA-610 MKII.

In contrast, nine, this card is an investment, especially if one considers the fact that only five basic plugins (1176LN, LA2A, Pultec, and pro realverb ChannelStrip CS-1) are available. These plugins are great to start, but buying other plugins will quickly become a necessity.

The power of the card is sufficient for small sessions. Personally, I used the card primarily for treatment of Bus (Fairchild, Pultec) and for effects (EMT140, EMT250, EP34).
The remaining power is allocated to some treatments such as transient designer and LA2A.

Feel free to check the number of instances possible for a given plugin instance on the chart from the site of Universal Audio.

I also have an Apollo now, the two work perfectly together, which allows me to have all the power I need DSP.
I do it again without hesitation that choice with the promotion of LA610, otherwise I would have waited for my apollo directly quad.