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Libertopanik 03/28/2013

Fostex D80 : Libertopanik's user review

«  A value!! »

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This is a multi with its extraordinary products found on current or unfortunately the price is affordable but its leaves or vraiement a desired ...

There, we have a machine on its quality, with a rating argus in very Occas below the value qualitée, so in my opinion, if you found one of occas in good condition, go for it, it is a VALUE ON; )

I will not go see the characteristics of early AF Tijmar opinion. It's Digital it is the same as the computer more complicated, namely that the animal has had its day and it did evolve since unlike the computer.


The use, it is clear that was not the strong point because it must have been in. science to maximize the beast but with practice you can do anything. usually we do not have the manual but too beson La. .. it is clear that it helps, I made things simple AND PLAY REC but so it goes when you want to use the machine vraiement must be put in the hands camboui. In short it is simple to use features simple, it is more difficult when decoupe and others.


The time limit is enjoyable ^ ^ I find the specific heat bcp 70-80 after love is a matter of taste there is definitely better, but those who have tasted and bathed in this period and who loves the sound you'll fall in love.

Reputation is more to do on this type of machine is good! point bar.


+ Sound, sound, sound.
+ Quality
+ Strength
+ Reputation
+ The removable control module
+ SD removable

- The manual too thick lol
- Lack an outlet to the PC easier, because it is a hassle to récup 8 tracks independently.