B.corde Elyone 220
B.corde Elyone 220

Elyone 220, Dual-Channel Power Amp from B.corde.

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guiilll 06/27/2005

B.corde Elyone 220 : guiilll's user review


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It's been a year since I lai, nothing to say except that the fan noise is heard from you listen at low volume ..., if not enough experience to compare, but it works very well with the purchased with speakers that jai, 250 Watt (also home B.corde) and Avranches it grows well as it should, you just put the amp back, playing in the red (good food requirements) and ca not move (or the speakers or the amp) ....

report quality / px, c ba expensive 970 (amplifier + 2 speakers) but does not disappoint!